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All roads lead to Rustenburg on the 29th-30th March 2014. Pukani investments presents The Blackout Party. We are currently planning a top class event which will leave you speechless. We are taking over the town of Brits (Rustenburg) bringing you the experience of a life time.  We have lots and lots lined up for you; just bring your buddies to experience the true meaning of Party show down.

This event is one of our major investments which will take place annually. The invent focuses on music and entertainment inspired by party animals. The event will be taking place at the Cajita Lodge/Twin River in brits, Rustenburg. Alcohol and food will be on sale at a Pukani price, because we inspire to be the best. The idea behind this event was a result of our objectives to kick start the new Pukani investments era.

Our dedicated team is currently working on the logistics of the event insuring that the A class Pukani event lives up to its name. We have great plans and ideas which we will incorporate into the event and we hope to share this experience with you. The lineup of performances will be release once we have confirmation of the artist/s who will be taking the center stage.

As Pukani investments our customer’s safety is our priority. We will insure that the security during the day is tight and nothing will disturb your Jackie chan dance moves, so you can go all kung fu as much as you can because we got you covered. We have a zero tolerance policy against violence and we will deal with violence accordingly in that sense we expect no party poopers. The security will be tight in a FUN way.

We will inform our customers about the logistics of the event prior to the event date. All the information regarding the ticket sales, directions and other related information will be released on our website and other social media platforms. For more information regarding the event feel free to contact our admin for enquiries. Check the contact page for contact details.

There’s a thousand reason to attend the Blackout Party, missing it will mean you missed out. Boredom is the worst feeling for a party animal that is why we aim to bail you out starting with the Blackout party. Come HOP A Pukani style and black out responsibly. One thing that we cannot promise you is boredom, but we promise you the time of your life. It’s absolutely Pukanied. Count to ten and Blackout.
Pukani Presents the Blackout party, Coming Sooner than you think. Check info and look out.
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We specialize in a wide spread of events as one of our business projects. Our core business is investing in key variety of projects and franchising with other Brands. Pukani is not limited in operations and we pride ourselves with perfection. Fresh skills along with the time will always ensure accuracy as Pukani is owned by young and vibrant individuals who challenge the challenge head on with perfection. Basically, we bail you out.
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Every event organized by us is extra-ordinary, Just Pukani it!

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We have a group of talented individuals who exerts their ability to the total satisfaction of the customer and always aiming for excellent results. We aim for perfection and event organized by Pukani will leave experience footprint. We are flexible and not limited to any task projected at us. We execute with ultimate perfection. We keep things local and indigenous. We take ordinary activities and add a Pukani flavor thus turn them completely extra-ordinary. Only Pukani can do what we do.
Welcome to Pukani events.
Pukani is an innovation and inspiration leader that provides total brand experience in the Southern African market and we hope to expand our indigenous foot print to the rest of the world. We have various projects apart from events that we have incorporated in our long term blueprint. We assure you an advanced experience with Pukani.
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Email: admin@pukani.co.za
This segment of the business is dedicated to events management inspired by brands. Our events are not limited but to name a few we offer:
We work with you not against you.
We provide a total brand experience.
Pukani events is one of the projects of Pukani investments.
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and we are looking into expanding our portfolio.

We are a product of two executive directors and a management team of tremendous individuals who are freshly harvested experts in their own fields of expertise. Currently we are launching our events side of the business and soon to venture into other projects. We have a Fun future ahead of us and great projects planned.

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